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Introduction to Harems

Harems is a collection of 10,000 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs); each NFT is a unique digital collectible of Harem Girls covering 235 countries around the world that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Most of these will be animated - the rarest will be live girls. A few facts:

  1. You can't get in the VIP Discord chat unless you have at least 1 Harems NFT; access to the VIP Discord gives you access to new launches of mini-collections of various live models like Ines Helene and others.

  2. In order to earn a Benefactor - you must have a minimum of 5 Harems NFTs. Benefactors pay out in the form of early access, free NFTs or tokens and much more. (more on benefactors below).

  3. 2% of all 10k Harems resales will go to the community to be used in whatever form the community wishes.

Alpha Girl Collection

Harems issued its Alpha collection consisting of the first 41 digital pieces of the Japanese Harem Girl. This collection is sold out and all owners of these unique hand drawn NFTs are members of the OG Gentlemen's Club and have helped guide/provide input on the future direction of the Harems collection.


Fair Distribution Model

Each Harem Girl costs 0.069 ETH. There are no price tiers. Outside of the first 41 Harem Girls – the remaining NFTs will be sold and distributed via a random airdrop via a smart contract that we'll share on this website, in our Discord and on Twitter.

235 Countries Represented

The amount of pictures represented by each country are determined by random algorithms. Each country’s Harem Girl will be represented based on geographic standards; Brazilian girls are going to look Brazilian and Kenyan girls will look Kenyan. Depending on the country there could be unique characteristics in a picture that relate to a country’s history or background. Gentlemen love knowledge as well as beautiful women.

10 Different Types

Each Harem Girl will have unique NFTs shown for each of the following types of girl:

  • Sugar Baby
  • Stripper
  • Thot
  • Girl Next Door
  • Escort
  • Model
  • Dominatrix
  • Trophy Wife
  • Cam Girl
  • Barely Legal

Live Girls


Benefactors are wealthy because they can afford a Harem of girls (must maintain a minimum of 5 Harems girls). The quality of the Benefactor is determined on a points system by the quality and quantity of the Benefactor's Harem. The more girls you have - the more points you get. The better the girls - the more points they're worth.

Benefactors are so wonderful that they receive free NFTs that have value or tokens that can be used to tip live girl models in the VIP chat room. We're always looking for ways to take care of our Benefactors and they shall be amply rewarded. Your benefactor can be upgraded as the value of your Harem increases.


OG Gentlemen's Club members have helped design and improve the design of the 10k Harems collection. OG members also earn free NFTs for holding one of the alpha collection pieces. Other perks to be announced.


Anyone who owns a Harems Girl NFT will be granted membership in the Gentlemen’s Club. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.


Alpha Collection: We’ve sold out of all 41 Harems alpha girl NFTs and all owners have been granted OG Gentlemen’s Club Membership status with all rights therein.

100 Harems Giveaway: We are actively giving away 100 Harems Girls to be given for free to our earliest, most active supporters. For more information - check our Discord/Twitter channels.

10% Sold: We will upgrade our Discord server for better services and communication for the community.

25% Sold: Five Harems Girls will be airdropped randomly to Gentleman’s Club Members.

50% Sold: Gentlemen’s Club members exclusive merch store will be unlocked featuring limited edition t-shirts, hoods and other goodies.

75% Sold: 5 ETH will be donated to the community wallet.

100% Sold: 5 ETH will be donated to the community wallet and we will begin working on the first ever Harems live girl collection and DAO.

Team Members

We believe in female empowerment. Feminism is about women taking control of their lives and doing whatever they want to do regardless of your opinion.

Madame Heidi Fleiss runs the show here.

Madame Chanel designs all of the Harems Girls collections.

Madame Isabelle believes in open relationships and is very sex positive.